We love surfing in Spring!

The days are longer, the weather is warm and sunny, and there’s hardly ever a flat day.

Experienced surfers prefer to surf in winter as that’s when the big swells occur in the North Atlantic, but when spring arrives, we get everything ready for the smaller waves and perfect conditions for beginners.

On the 5th May 2018, we had a good mix of people on the excursion; couples, friends, male, female, aged between 24 and 55.

They had a surf lesson at low tide at the superb surfing beach of El Palmar. The wave height were around waist high and peeling nicely on the sandbank. The sun was shining and the temperature was so warm that after the lesson the group took their wetsuits off and put their bathing costumes on to enjoy an ice cold beer on the beach.

We watched a large flock of flamingoes migrating North which was a clear sign that summer surf season was almost upon us!

There is a package for everyone!

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